Want to know what’s coming on How to Get Away with Murder season 5 episode 6? The good news is that there will be some happy moments…

After all, Connor and Oliver are in the midst of wedding planning! If you can forget about some of what is happening in the flash-forwards through much of the season, there is a reasonably good chance that this could be fun.

On the flip side, we also got another storyline featuring Annalise and Governor Birkhead, one that raises some rather-interesting questions when it comes to her future. She’s someone who may be getting a tantalizing offer, and depending on just what it is, it should be something that she considers. (Really, if we were Annalise we would be doing virtually everything within her power in order to ensure that she gets away from basically everything that has caused he great distress in the past — which, at this point, is an awful lot of stuff. She is someone who has been through the ringer perhaps more than almost anyone.)

Want some other information on what is coming? check out the promo released by ABC studio, How to Get Away with Murder season 5 episode 6 synopsis offers up some other information when it comes to what lies ahead: