Recall that Netflix acquired the global rights of Nnaji’s directorial debut film prior to its Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), making it the Nigerian movie they ever acquired.

Lionheart follows the story of an enterprising daughter (played by Nnaji) who competes with her crude and eccentric uncle to control her family business after her father falls ill.

As the film continues to show, folks are sharing their opinions on the production, casting and performances. The reviews on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone’s raving about the “Nigerianness” of the movie, how Igbo & feminist it is.

Lionheart In Igbo means “Obiagu”,  Pete’s name was Obiagu, His son a musician who happened to dedicate a song to him named Obiagu which is actually a real song by phyno who acted as his son. Why is Genevieve this GOOD???? don’t even get me started with her performance, it was outstanding if u ask me.

For Nkem Owoh, what do u expect, it is NKEM OWOH aka OSUFIA after all, he was characteristically funny. Pete Edochie, lets just say NO COMMENT, he is a LIVING LEGEND, a formidable character, (still waiting on the meme) and that Kanayo O. Kanayo never falling short of expectation.

The Northern part of Nigerian, for the 1st time was positively represented (not the usual mal. Musa gateman, mai-shayi, Almajiri or Boko haram), it was refreshing.

Generally, i will say it was Beautifully scripted and acted out, it is great to see a homegrown flick espousing core family/social values and positivity in business circuits. A must-watch for discerning minds and a source of pride to well-meaning folks.