…..and what a way to start the year. ahh, Red. It’s great to have you back!

Red schooling bank robbers on how to rob banks was everything we needed to see after the long hiatus.

But I have to wonder if Red is getting a little too comfortable in his old age because on The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 1, Liz seemed to have the upper hand.

Red thought destroying the bones on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 22, had erased most of the evidence regarding his true identity By getting Liz and the Task Force to help him find the doctor who changed his identity, Red believed he was still a step ahead in keeping his secrets secret.

Red has no idea that Liz knows he’s an imposter, and he has absolutely no clue that she’s working with Jennifer. I can’t imagine that Red will remain fooled for very long, but the fact that he still has no clue is disturbing. He trusts Liz, yet, he also knows she’s keeping things from him. Their exchange at the makeshift operating room where Dr. Koehler died was exquisite. She was like the cat who swallowed the canary, trying to play his game without giving anything away. And he was trying to unravel her layers in his usual charming manner.

Red had and has no intention of sharing anything significant with her. Even when he gave her Koehler’s computer file, she knew he had deleted his information from it. And he admitted as much which harkens back to what he said about not lying to her eons and eons ago.

Red doesn’t lie to Liz. He’s not forthcoming with some information and is evasive with everything else. But he doesn’t lie. And he has every right to be evasive.

There has to be a good reason he won’t tell her the truth even though Dembe and everyone else in his circle urged him to do so. I believe he’s afraid because he doesn’t want to lose her.  He spent his entire life watching over her. He might feel she won’t understand or accept the truth and shun him forever. He could never live with himself if that happened. And that’s what bothers me the most about Liz’s pursuit of the truth about the man posing as Red.

She never knew her “real” father. The only father she ever knew was Sam, and it was this Red who arranged for Sam to take care of her after Katarina disappeared or died or whatever happened to her.  This Red has treated her like she was his own child. And despite the problems Red caused her, she accepted him and loved him.

The history she has with Red should far outweigh any deception regarding his true identity.

It might be better if she would just sit down with him and show him the proof she has and then see what he says. Instead, she’s on a ridiculous quest (that she’s not going to win) with a woman she doesn’t even know. Jennifer is not trustworthy. There’s something about her that’s off, and Liz needs to recognize it before it’s too late.


I wanted to throw my computer at the TV when Liz told Harold that Reddington had turned from “the one you can trust to the one you can’t.”

We’ve made a deal with the devil. It comes with a price.


WTF is she talking about?


And after all they have ALL been through with Red, how can they not see this man for who he is?! Even Ressler needs to tone it down. Has he forgotten everything Red has done for him? Harold offering to shut down the Task Force because poor Liz has been through so much was stupid.

He’s another guy who seems to have had a memory lapse. Liz also needs to realize that it wasn’t Red or his secrets that killed Tom.  Jennifer‘s “father” did that. Ian Garvey (which is another reason not to trust Jennifer.) In the whole scheme of things, Garvey had no reason to stab Tom the way he did. And if you remember, he had every intention of killing Liz, too!

But that’s water under the bridge. (And, yes, I’m still bitter about Tom Keen’s death despite Ryan Eggold’s success on New Amsterdam).

Liz has every reason to be paranoid about being discovered because right now she’s walking in a field of landmines. Even though Red loves her, I’m not so sure he’d be quick to forgive.

What do you think?

Will Red figure out what Liz is up to? How will he react?

Do you trust Jennifer?

Should Liz just let it all go?

Are you glad to see Samar back in the game?